Tuesday, 30 May 2017

54. Advent of Radhasoami Dayal


Pandit Brahm Sankar Misra, M.A.


            86. When ground for true spiritual regeneration, as has bee explained above, was thus prepared for further development by the Saints and other adepts referred to, then the incarnation of the presiding deity of the highest spiritual region, viz, Radhasoami, took place. The tenets and teachings and the practical devotional methods of the religion of Saints, which had already been give out, as explained above, were made manifest in their simplest forms, and the devotional practices rendered so easy of performance, that they can be attended to without difficulty and performed with success by human beings of both sexes and all ages, subject to the observance of certain simple rules regulating the conduct of life and diet, etc.

            87. The true genesis and object of creation, which had hitherto been an insoluble mystery and which had not been explained in details by Saints even, were given out by the most gracious Radhasoami in a complete form. The true spiritual articulation of the sound of the highest division, which had not been made known by Saints, was also disclosed by Him. To demonstrate the truth of all these revelations, arguments based on lines of pure inductive and deductive reasoning, and supported by illustrations taken from facts, which are within the access of ordinary observation, and by devotional or experimental experiences, were advanced in discourses of a most extraordinary character, delivered during the holy service held under His august presidentship every day. The scientific presentation of the revelations made by Him, as unfolded in this book, is based on those discourses.

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