Saturday, 27 May 2017

51. Spiritual Regeneration


Pandit Brahm Sankar Misra, M.A.


            81. As knowledge of every description is gained from the contact of the spiritual current with the object of knowledge, it is clear that the essence of a presiding deity and the creation subordinate to him could be known to him alone or to the presiding deity of a higher sphere of creation. Accordingly, when the presiding deity of a sphere considers it necessary and proper to allow the spirits of lower planes access to his region, he has originally to incarnate himself for making the necessary revelations and imparting esoteric teachings for the purpose. Such incarnations are rate, and when they do take place, the innermost secrets are revealed, and great and rapid progress is made by the disciples who come in personal contact with them. Later on, the work of spiritual regeneration is carried on by adepts trained by them; the success of the adept's training varying in accordance with the grade of adeptship attained by him. If the adept is of the first order, that is to say, if he has acquired the power of uniting himself with the essence of the presiding deity, the training imparted by him is as efficacious as that by an incarnatio of that deity.

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