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52. Partial Revelation preceding Incarnations


Pandit Brahm Sankar Misra, M.A.


            82. To pave the way, as it were, for the incarnation of a deity, it is sometimes expedient that a partial revelation should be made in advance; and a spirit born of the essence of the deity and known as his son or a denizen of his sphere is empowered and sent to this earth for the above purpose. Not only the secrets of the second grand division of creation, which is known as Brahmanda, but also those of the purely spiritual regions, have been made known in the manner explained above. The Saints or the adepts of different grades, who came from purely spiritual regions and were the sons of the presiding deities of the different regions of the first grand division of creation, thus made their advent. Kabir Sahab was the first to come. Some of His holy pieces point out in the most clear terms that He had come from this highest sphere, the one beyond the Alakh and Agam, which is known as the region of Radhasoami (vide Article 54). He was the son of the true Almighty, Supreme Creator, Radhasoami, and had come in advance to communicate the august commands of the true Supreme Father. This is alluded to in the following verse of Kabir Sahab :-

dgsa dchj ge /kqj ?kj ds Hksnh yk, gqdqe gqT+kwjhA

            This rendered into English would be as follows :-
            Saith Kabir that He knows the secrets of the highest mansion and that He has brought the commands of the Omnipresent.

            83. Other Saints followed Kabir Sahab at short irregular intervals. They were Guru Nanak, Jagjivan Sahab, Paltu Das, Tulsi Sahab of Hathras (who is not to be confounded with Tulsi Das, the poet, whose main compilation is the Ramayana). Other adepts, too, of a very slightly lower order, made their advent. They were Garib Das, Dulam Das, Charan Das, Nabhaji, Darya Sahab, Raidas, Surdas, Shams Tabrez, Mansur, Sarmad, Moinuddin Chisti etc., etc.


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  2. Many people knew about these famous saints and their teachings referred above. Some references of Guru Nanak, Moinuddin Chisti are also printed in books published for children and are referred in many schools. But rarely one has found an explanation which clusters these saints into a higher spiritual region from which they belong.This also explains that the information about the Supreme Almighty was also done in parallel at many places and at different points in time, but it was rarely researched to understand their in-depth teachings.

  3. Sant Tulsi Sahab Himself has mentioned in His Ghat Ramayan that He was Sant Tulsi Das in His previous birth.

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