Sunday, 30 April 2017

24. The Brain and Its Apertures


Pandit Brahm Sankar Misra, M.A.


            44. In the fissure between the two lobes of the brain there are twelve apertures, which provide the means for communion with the six sub-divisions of Brahmanda and with six sub-divisions of the purely spiritual region. The apertures appertaining to Brahmanda are to be found in the grey matter, and those appertaining to the purely spiritual region, in the white matter. So far as the matter of the brain is concerned, whether it be grey or white, it is of very little importance. The innermost quarters within those apertures, by means of which the microcosm is associated with Brahmanda and the purely spiritual regions, are of supreme importance, and they are indispensable in our research. The following illustration, although it is rather of a rough character, will make our purport clearer. There is a slit in the wall of a dark room by means of which solar rays find access within. The opening itself is not composed of the materials of the wall, but it is in it. A person placed in this room would have to resort to the opening for holding communion with the rays and for getting out of the room, if he could become so subtle as to ride on the rays. Similarly, the innermost locations of the apertures of the brain, referred to, will have to be sought for holding communion with the higher spheres, and for eventually gaining access into the regions of Brahmanda and those beyond them. The explanations given above are necessarily in the nature of ex cathedra statements, but they can be fully verified by the performance of the experimentations or devotional methods prescribed for the development of the brain centres.


  1. The six chakras in the human body give access to the region of Pind while the six apertures in the grey and white matter of the brain known as Kamals and Padams connect us to the regions of Brahmand and the Nirmal Chetan Desh, respectively. The aim of religion should only be to teach as to how to make these appertures kinetic and thus help jivas to achieve self realisation.

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