Monday, 26 June 2017

81. Refulgence of the Nether Pole also Unbearable


Pandit Brahm Sankar Misra, M.A.


            121. From what we have stated above, a very rough conception can be formed of the ineffable refulgence of the infinite pole of supreme spirituality. We shall now present a similar outline of the lower pole, viz, that situated at the feet of the Supreme Being. It is self-evident, from the hypothetical process of creational inversion explained above, that the entire creation is evolved out of the lower pole. Now, if we take a rough bird's-eye view of this creation, we find that it is studded with innumerable refulgent orbs known as suns, stars, etc. in that portion which is within the scope of our vision. This region, as stated in Article 22, is included in the third division of creation, technically known as 'Pind'. Beyond and above this division, and possessing a lustre and energy which are immensely greater, is Brahmanda, the second grand division of creation. It is clear, from what we have stated, that these two divisions themselves contain such an amount of light and refulgence as cannot be conceived by the ordinary faculties of sight and imagination. If we add to the light and refulgence of Pind and Brahmanda, the light and refulgence of the purely spiritual regions below the infinite eternal source of spirit, we shall then arrive at the sum total of the refulgence of the nether pole. For ordinary purposes, this pole itself presented an unbearable source of light; but viewed side by side with the supreme light of the infinite, it, of course, presented an appearance of haziness somewhat similar to the almost lustreless appearance of the full moon in the presence of the over-powering refulgence of the sun.

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