Friday, 9 June 2017

64. Distinction between sounds emanating from spiritual source and from spiritual currents


Pandit Brahm Sankar Misra, M.A.


            101. Commotion in the spiritual source preceding the manifestation of the spiritual currents and the currents themselves were both the manifestation of the prime energy in two different kinetic forms; and both of them must have, in accordance with the theory we have already stated, been accompanied by sound. It is almost self-evident that the sound which accompanied the commotion was distinct from the sound which accompanied the currents. This distinction between the source-sound and the current-sound applies to the innermost action or the spirit action of all presiding deities of the various spheres of creation. This has, however, been overlooked, and the sounds of the manifest functions of the various deities have alone been reduced to mantras. The greatest holy name or the mantra, as revealed in the Vedas, viz, vkse~ (Om), does not represent distinctly the current-sound the source-sound of the spirit-force kinetic within it. It is merely an imitation in articulate speech of the sounds emanating the functions of Brahma (the Universal Mind) in Brahmanda. The distinction between the sound accompanying the functional work of a deity other than the true Supreme Being, the source and origin of all spirituality, and that accompanying the focus and current actions of spirit, may be elucidated by the following illustration. Our thinking ego, viz, the mind is an instrument dependent, as we have already stated, for the performance of its functions upon the spirituality derived from the centre of the spirit. These functions are set to work after the spirituality emerges at the mental plane. Their character is quite distinct from that of the spiritual current and the spirit centre which have supplied the vitality. The sound and vibrations at the mental plane of the various functions of mind are the result of the passage of the spirit through the mental plane, and are as distinct from the spirit-sounds referred to as blue light produced by the passage of white light through a blue lens is distinct from white light. If one had the power of penetrating the lens and perceiving the two lights concomitantly, the great difference between their character would be apparent to him in a very marked manner. A similar distinction exists between the mental and spiritual sounds we have been speaking of; but this distinction is not apparent to those who do not possess access to the innermost quarter of spirit. The functional sounds or the manifest holy names of the various deities are similarly distinct from the sounds of internal spirit-currents supplying spiritual energy to the deities. In the case of the prime origin and source of spirit alone, viz, the true Supreme Being, this distinction disappears, as the manifestation of the spirit-current itself constitutes the function. Barring the incarnation of the true Supreme Being, Radhasoami, other incarnations and prophets etc. accordingly revealed the holy names or mantras of the functional powers of their respective deities, as the true supreme spiritual name or mantra could be revealed by Him alone who had access to the source and origin of spirit. Kabir Sahab, as already mentioned before, who had come as a harbinger from that region, has alluded in one place to that supreme name. Of this we shall speak more definitely shortly. Meanwhile, we proceed to announce and explain that name.

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