Thursday, 29 June 2017

84. Spirit-entities as originally constituted


Pandit Brahm Sankar Misra, M.A.


            125. Before creation, the withdrawal referred to above maintained the existence of the nether pole in its eternal form of haziness by means of subtle attraction. The lines of the force of attraction, which produced this condition, were composed of innumerable points acting in the same direction. The unite action of these points constituted the spiritual-current which was ever in conjunction with the Supreme Being Himself, and by means of which the entire condition of the nether pole was within the cognizance of the Supreme Being. Similarly, the coarsest and densest part of the creation is within His cognizance through the spirituality, howsoever feeble it may be, existing in its innermost quarter. The innermost spirituality is thus ever awake, and the outer cover only, so to say, becomes unconscious. The individual points in the nether pole, considered separately from the united current, were unconscious, and these constituted the original spirit-entities.

            126. It may be desirable to observe here again that our idea of a point should not be instrumental in producing an idea of insignificance in respect of the potentialities or spirits referred to. The individual ray of the sun as compared to the individual ray of an ordinary lamp is very much stronger as far as its light and diverse other functions are concerned. There is, of course, no fear of this difference being overlooked as we have experience of the effects of both. In those cases, however, in which the experience is confined to one of the two parallels only, our knowledge is often very misleading, and ordinary words, too, convey different impressions. Whenever we speak of the 'sun', the word 'sun' conveys the idea of a bright dazzling disc as we see it. Now, if one had such a strong and extended vision that he could see the sun in its actual great dimensions and refulgence, as we see an orange, the word 'sun' when used by him would convey an entirely different idea to that conveyed by the use of the same word 'sun' by us. These remarks completely apply to the ideas we have been attempting to present. The spirits or points should not, therefore, be viewed as trifles, but as centres of great potentiality and attraction surrounded by covers produced by their individual action as distinguished from their united action. These subsidiary covers or conditions may well be likened to sub-tones produced along with the main tone. Before creation, the spirits lay under these covers, in a comatose condition owing to the main portion of their spirituality being united in the co-eternal conjunction with the supreme source. The united action produced the lower pole as a whole, while individual actions produced the covers referred to.


  1. From Sar Bachan Poetry:

    Baisakh, the Eleventh Month, verse 26
    "Neither Atma and Paramta were there, nor were Sunn and Maha-sunn created"

    Jeth, the Twelfth Month, verse 8

    "Neither Satnam existed, nor was there any trace of Nam-Anami."

    If we compare the above description with those of written in Article 84 referred to above we observe very high negative correlation

  2. Based on the excellent scientific explanation given by Param Guru Maharaj Sahab,it is written in one of the statements above that " The innermost spirituality is thus ever awake, and the outer cover only, so to say, becomes unconscious". In one of the earlier blogs it is mentioned that spiritual force is present everywhere but with varying degrees of energy. Does it explain the reason why we call the Supreme Being Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent in all religions? In my limited understanding I would believe that this inherent property of spirit is what it makes us do correct things as it is linked to Supreme Being all the time. And if all the spirit forces are related to the Supreme Being, then logically it would mean that this is the way Supreme Being communicates with each of the spirit entities. Linking this blog to the first blog where scientific experimentation has been done on sample data using code names "V" and "B", it can very well be seen that the phenomenology given by Maharaj Sahab exists even now after so many years of his proposed theory and can be experienced by anyone who follows the desired or prescribed guidelines. Infact, if this can be extended to larger population area, then it could also mean that Supreme being is communicating with everyone -everytime, but we are not able to receive the communication due to our outer covers and our inability to associate with Supreme Being.

  3. Very nice. Is ability to communicate one of the characteristics of a living being?

  4. What are the attributes of spirit-entities? Are they electromagnetic or gravitational? The tendency of spirit-entities are towards centre or source. The tendency of gravitation is also towards centre or source. Whereas tendency of electromagnetic is mainly outward. Thus, I have defined soul as every point of action of gravitational force field.

  5. My above views also get support from the fact that after Big-Bang all forces originated from gravitation force and after mahapralaya (great dissolution) all forces again merge (Big-Crunch)into Gravitation force leading to another Big-Bang fora new creation.