Monday, 24 July 2017

109. The Constitution of the Denizens other than Man


Pandit Brahm Sankar Misra, M.A.


            166. It is a common characteristics of the denizens (excepting men) of the entire creation, from top to bottom, that three planes alone are kinetic in them with reference to the region they belong to. The other three planes of the grand division in which they reside are most distantly represented in their corporeal frames, but they are not susceptible of development, and consequently they are not fit in any circumstances for the establishment of communication with the corresponding planes of the macrocosm. The planes of the other grand divisions, which may be higher or lower than the region of their own grand division, hardly find any representation at all in the economy of their corporeal constitution. For instance, the denizens of the three highest spiritual spheres, viz, of Radhasoami dham, of Agam, and of Alakh, will have three covers in all, which will correspond with the spheres of the three planes referred to. The most prominent and active of these three covers is the one which corresponds with the sphere in which the denizen is located. The other two are subsidiary to it, but they are not useless. The planes of the spheres of Anami, Sat Loka, and Bhanwargupha are all represented in one spot at the lowest portion of the outermost cover. They are mere dots representing the lower spheres referred to, but are never of any use whatever, as a denizen of the higher spheres of the spiritual regions is, from his creational constitution, so rapt in the bliss of his own sphere that he is precluded by its effect from a descent into the lower spheres. He cannot also descend to higher spheres, as the creational location allotted to him, with reference to the degree of his spirituality, is immutable. The above economy also holds good in the case of the denizens of Brahmanda. In the third grand division, however, the ascending current helps upward progress of the denizens under its influence at each birth till they reach the topmost sphere, viz, the sphere of the moon. The descending current in Brahmanda does not turn back upwards till the time of maha pralaya arrives. Accordingly, a large number of the denizens of Brahmanda descend into the regions of the third grand division.

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