Saturday, 22 July 2017

107. General Economy of the Three Grand Divisions


Pandit Brahm Sankar Misra, M.A.


            164. So far as the regions of the first grand division are concerned, very little is required to be stated here. They are within the purview of the infinite Supreme Being and constitute His own region, as it were. At the time of creation, the spiritual regions were so spiritualized b the currents of spirit and sound that they do not stand in need of any further spiritualization. The residual pre-creational admixture of spirituality of lower order left during the first creational stage was eliminated at the commencement of the next creational step downwards, and the purely spiritual regions, as already stated before, are now perfect in every respect, needing no change or addition in consequence of lapse of time. Compared to the other two grand divisions, the expanse of the purely spiritual regions is immense. The case of the other two grand divisions of creation is different. Their spirituality is not so complete as to enable them to work independently, that is, without assistance. Brahmas and Adyas has to be presented in turn before purely spiritual regions to receive the necessary help. This is the cause of the revolution of Brahmanda round the Sat Loka, the proper distance between Brahmanda and the purely spiritual regions being maintained during the course of the revolution in consequence of the contrary influence exercised by the nether regions below it. The nature of the relation of Brahmanda to the spiritual region, as described above, also obtains between the third grand division and Brahmanda. The third division is revolving round Brahmanda and deriving help therefrom as in the previous case. The tendency of Brahmanda and the third grand division, is however, all towards the extreme nether pole, as Brahmanda is situated in that portion of the pre-creational neutral zone (vide Article 91) which adjoined the original nether pole. The continued action of the tendency, referred to, results in a constant downflow of spirituality, which is eagerly absorbed by the nether regions which are so devoid of spirituality as sand is devoid of moisture. Those regions are, however, from their pre-creational constitution, unfit to retain for any considerable length of time spirituality of a higher degree than that originally allotted to them.  The spirituality which has been collecting, so to say, from the continuous downflow, evaporates, as it were, and another current, upwards, is established. This upward current serves an extremely ameliorating purpose, specially in the third division of creation; for along with it, the denizens of the infernal regions and of the lower spheres of the third grand division ascend to higher planes; but this current cannot go beyond the topmost spheres of the third division, and the highest point to which any entity may reach by this natural process of elevation is the moon-sphere. There the circle is completed by the two currents, and the downward course commences again. This circle is known as the chakra of chaurasi, and no one can get beyond it unless he is specially trained for access into higher regions. We have been speaking here generally of the regions of Brahmanda and Pind as a whole. We would now give further details of the conditions of individual solar and Brahma systems (i.e. of one Pind and one Brahmanda only) of the third and second grand divisions respectively.

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